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Chainsaw Partner-350If we consider this chainsaw according to such a characteristic as price, then it is one of the most inexpensive among the entire line of Partners. In fact, this tool is for those people who are not involved in construction and they rarely need a chainsaw for short piece work.

The saw has a fairly small tire of only 35 cm, which is probably suitable for most buyers.

Since this tool is not intended for intensive use, the Partner 350 chainsaw does not include a vibration damping system. The saw handle is bolted directly to the body. Therefore, if you plan to work with the tool for a significant continuous period, it is better to look for another model. In the process of work, to reduce vibration, it is advisable to wear thick gloves.

The saw has an automatic inertia brake and a chain lubrication system. So if the chain gets stuck in the cut,

Chainsaw Partner 371This article is devoted to another model of the Partner chainsaw series, in particular, the Partner-371 chainsaw. If you are only interested in technical specifications, then you can see them in a small table at the end of the article, and if you would like more information about the description of this tool, then read the article in full.

The described model - we note that it structurally does not differ much from other products of the company, just to reduce the cost of this model, it lacks some of the bells and whistles, on the other hand, compared to the cheapest models, it is certainly better. But first, about the price: as of the end of 2014, the cost of Partner-371 was about 6,500 rubles, in early February 2015 it was already from 9,000 rubles and more.

Chainsaw Partner 371 has a fairly good economy due to the small engine size. The body of the chainsaw is made of impact-resistant plastic, however, due to the lack of an anti-vibration system, its noise cannot be called small. By the way, in this model it really is not, although on the sites

Chainsaw Husqvarna 137For people who live in a village or village, that is, in a private house, life is different from that of city dwellers. At the same time, this is reflected, among other things, in those things that they use in the process of life.

For a villager, especially if he is a man, building tools are essentially the same as for a resident of a metropolis a tablet, computer or TV. As they say irreplaceable things.

Moreover, if you take a city apartment and living in a rural area, the set of construction tools can differ quite significantly. All due to the fact that in the "village" of these tools you need a lot more.

One of the tools that are very needed in the village is a chainsaw. Those men who have this tool are very jealous of those who have it, because with the help of a chainsaw you can do a lot

Stihl HT 101 Petrol Height CutterIt is no secret that many people have dachas, or they live in private homes. As a rule, if there is a private house or cottage, then there remains part of the plot for a vegetable garden and a garden. Many people plant part of the territory with various fruit trees such as apples, pears, plums, cherries, etc.

In the process of caring for fruit trees, pruning is an integral part of the work, and difficulties often arise here.

The fact is that fruit trees are usually quite large in height and it is sometimes very difficult to cut branches at a height of more than 2 meters. This is where a tool such as a pole cutter comes in handy.

This garden tool allows, depending on the design, to reach the most distant branches for cutting them without much effort.

Chainsaw Partner 351In this article, we want to talk about one of the representatives of a large class of chainsaws for domestic use - the Partner 351 chainsaw. This chainsaw is of American origin, but as usually happens with good industrial products, now you can hardly find a purely American chainsaw in Russia. The bulk of the tool of this brand, presented on the shelves of Russian construction stores and Internet sales pages, is made in China. However, it is still a very good tool.

A distinctive feature of this chainsaw is that, like other household chainsaws, Partner 351 can be used for infrequent work in the garden, such as trimming branches and large branches. With its help, without much difficulty, you can knock down a small tree or saw it into pieces.

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