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How to make a snow shovelAfter the winter begins, and where and in the period of late autumn, snowfalls begin. For most people, snow is certainly a joy: snowball fights, building snow forts, skiing and sledding, and much more. Basically, this of course concerns children, although adults are also mostly happy with the onset of winter. However, winter can bring exceptional joy only to residents of high-rise buildings, and if you live in a private house or cottage, then snowfalls will bring you a lot of hard physical work in addition, namely cleaning the territory of the site from snow, at least cleaning the paths and the driveway for car.

If you have a special mobile unit called a snowplow, then the problem of clearing snow is of course much easier to solve, and if you can’t afford to buy a snowplow, there remains a proven and reliable way - to work with a snow shovel.

Ax repairWe decided to dedicate this article to such a useful and necessary tool as an ax . This tool, perhaps along with a hammer, is present in the kit of any normal owner who often performs construction and repair work at home or in the garage. At the same time, it is very often used and not for its intended purpose, simply because it is with an ax that one can perform some kind of work or its element due to the lack of the necessary specialized tool.

In the process of performing any work not quite as intended with the help of an ax, it experiences significant loads, for example, when hitting the butt with a large hammer, or a large bend in the blade (if you need to expand a thin gap with this tool), finally you can just miss the point of impact and hit on a log not with a butt or blade, but with the neck of the handle, as a result of which it can simply break.

do-it-yourself water levelIn the process of interior decoration of an apartment or house, and during construction, one of the useful tools is the water level. This level is one of the types of a large class of building levels . For those who don't know, the water level is a transparent flexible plastic hose. In the course of measurements, it is filled with water and, due to the principle of communicating vessels, it can be used to make marks in the desired horizon. In other words, mark a horizontal plane or line with a high degree of accuracy.

For those cases when it is necessary that the marks differ in height by a certain distance, there are special hollow handles with markings at the edges of the level. The total length of the water level is from 10 to 25 meters. Well, it is still quite expensive in the store, although there is no complexity in its design.

If you do enough work when this level is needed or in other words rarely

Repair of a bayonet shovelDespite the rather simple design, during the operation of a bayonet shovel, it can fail. This may occur due to non-compliance with the requirements for the load on the tool, for example, when developing excessively hard soils, or performing work unusual for a shovel. We list the main damage to the bayonet shovel, which can be repaired with your own hands, the causes of these damages, as well as the repair technology for this tool.

1. Damage to the wooden part (handle) of the shovel.

Such damage can occur when digging very hard soil, such as dried clay. Having stuck a shovel into the ground and trying to lift it with the ground, the handle may not withstand and crack or even break.

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