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Milling cutters for a beginner carpenterMany people create small workshops for themselves in their garage or small shed, and they are usually universal. In a private house, you have to work with both metal and wood, and some create carpentry workshops as a hobby. It is for working with wood that frasers are used, for which wood cutters are required, and we want to discuss the initial set in this article.

If you have a lot of money and you can afford to buy expensive branded machines, then this article is certainly not for you, since you can immediately purchase good, expensive cutters at a price of 2-3 thousand rubles apiece.

Also, if you are starting a woodworking and joinery business for sale, the advice in this article is not worth following.

Types of wrenchesWrenches are designed to loosen or tighten connections that use bolts and nuts. Bolted connections are very common in our life, they can be found in almost any mechanism, machine, machine tool, etc. The work is not difficult, but sometimes it requires quite a lot of physical effort, especially for rusted elements.

Since there are a fairly large number of types of bolted connections, nuts are tightened with different forces, often quite large, there are also quite a lot of appropriate tools for tightening and unwinding them, and it is about their diversity, differences and features that we want to talk about in this article.

In this article, we tried to collect information about all types of wrenches for unscrewing nuts, including the sizes that can be found on sale.

Types of drillsProbably almost every self-respecting man in his home kit has such a useful and important tool as an electric drill . With its help, you can perform a very large number of various important works related to the fastening of various parts using bolts and self-tapping screws, as well as creating various holes.

For specific work, a separate type of drill is also required. It is about the types of drills, their design, purpose and features that we want to talk about in this article.

Drills can be classified by purpose and by type of material and by shape, but in the article we will give a classification according to the design and material for drilling which these drills are used for. So we think it will be more convenient for readers.

Repair tools in the apartmentAt present, it is quite easy to find a company or private owners to carry out repair or finishing work in your own apartment. Nevertheless, a fairly large number of people do such work on their own.

This is dictated, of course, primarily by the goal of reducing the financial costs of repairing or decorating the premises. After all, if we take into account the fact that the cost of carrying out the work is on average equal to the cost of the finishing material, the repair is 2 times more expensive than the purchased materials. Well, if you want to make an exclusive, unusual design and decoration - the prices can be generally sky-high.

The second important factor is the quality of the work carried out. The fact is that employees very often tritely violate the technology of fastening, installation, etc.

The choice of construction rouletteConstruction tape measure is one of those tools that everyone is familiar with, and without which almost no construction process or work can do.

Externally, a construction tape measure is a flexible metal tape with scale marks printed on it for measurement, enclosed in a housing. In our country, this is the metric system: with millimeters, centimeters and meters, while in other countries it can be inches.

If you go to a modern hardware store, then at the stand with construction tapes you will surely see a dozen different models of construction tapes, ranging from small ones to tools for measuring large distances on a construction site, which are not only large in size, but also heavy.

You will also probably see several other measuring instruments similar to tape measures,

Circles for the grinderIncreasingly, most people are trying to supplement their home tool kit with such a useful tool as a grinder, or it would be more correct to say an angle grinder (angle grinder). We will not talk about the choice of a specific model or size of the grinder in this article, since we will talk about the variety of circles for the grinder or disks - as they say, consumables for this tool, so that you can use it to saw or cut various materials.

If you go to a hardware store and look at a stand with discs for a grinder, they literally begin to scatter from all the variety. Not only are they of different colors, different shapes, from different materials, and even manufacturers. Discs can differ in price dozens of times, how can you not get confused, especially when you just acquired this tool and you have no experience and knowledge in the field of discs for an angle grinder.

How to choose an electric planerIn almost all areas of construction work, manual labor is gradually being replaced by more efficient one - with the help of various electric tools. At the same time, if high-tech machines are usually used in production, then in the construction industry it is a hand-held power tool. Now even a novice cobbler has the necessary set of tools, which includes a grinder, a laser level, an electric drill, a puncher, etc.

Of course, depending on the specialization, this set can differ significantly. Our article is devoted to one of the carpentry hand power tools - an electric planer. More precisely, the basic rules and advice that should be followed when buying it and choosing a good model.

To begin with, we note that the electric planer is a fairly specialized tool and is not included,

Jigsaw saw blade markingFor people who have a jigsaw in their home tool kit, it becomes necessary to select a consumable tool, in particular files. For those who do not know anything about this, we will inform you that for different types of materials that can be cut with an electric jigsaw, files of different sizes, thicknesses, tooth sizes, etc. are required.

Part of the information about what material can be cut with a particular file can tell its appearance, at the same time, all information can only be obtained by examining the file in detail and reading the markings applied to the file, which can also tell a lot about its purpose.

So, if you know how to read and decipher the markings on the file, then you can buy exactly the one you need without error. 

Eye protection gogglesGiven the topic of our site, of course, we will not talk about classic glasses, not about glasses for working at a computer, and not about those that protect from sunlight. It will be about those eye protection products that are used in various construction works. To begin with, we note that in their appearance construction glasses are very different, while they differ quite a lot in price and quality, as well as in their purpose. This is the same purpose for ordinary glasses, and for construction glasses, as a rule, it is rather narrowly specialized.

Types of eye protection glasses

1. Goggles transparent closed type.

You can see them in the photo. They come in both direct and indirect ventilation. First of all, they are designed to protect the eyes from dust when working with a grinder (angle grinder), woodworking (protection from chips), painting, etc.

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