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Hole drillingIn our article, we want to talk about the methods, methods and specifics of drilling various materials using drilling machines, from drills to machine tools. Also in the article we will try to tell as much as possible about the technique of drilling materials with various types of drills, ranging from conventional classic ones to crowns and Faustner drills.

Drilling holes in metal

You can make a hole in the metal, depending on its strength, quickly, or you can suffer for more than an hour and not succeed.

Drilling of metals is carried out with standard types of drills made of durable carbon steel. In order for you not to make a mistake in choosing a drill, we showed

Screwdriver instructionsThis article is intended for those people who have very little knowledge in the use of construction tools.
We think a fairly large number of people begin their acquaintance with construction tools by buying, and only then they begin to figure out how to work with this tool. In addition, there will certainly be teenagers or women among the readers of this article who generally have no idea what a screwdriver is and what you can do with it. It is for them that we decided to write this article.

So let's continue...

To begin with, in general terms, let's talk about what a screwdriver is. Firstly, they can be divided into two large classes: battery-powered and mains-operated. The effectiveness of these tools depends directly on the brand of the tool, but the battery ones do not depend on the presence of an outlet and the length of the wire.

How to work with a shoe knifeIn this manual, we want to describe the features of working with such a seemingly simple construction tool as a shoe knife . Structurally, this tool is very different from other types of knives. It has a short thick handle and a short beveled blade.

In this case, the blade has a one-sided shape of the blade chamfer. That is, the blade is sharpened only on one side. Thanks to this design, the shoe knife allows you to cut a large number of different building materials, as well as use it for a variety of other jobs.

Tool inspection

Before starting work, you need to make sure the integrity of the tool. The blade in the handle must be held without play (do not stagger), and also not have cracks, bends or other damage. The blade should be well sharpened and not have dents or chips on the cutting edge.

instructions for working with a grinderAn angle grinder, or as it is more commonly called a grinder, is perhaps currently the same common power tool in home craftsmen's kits as a conventional electric drill. This is a very useful tool that can be used to grind various materials, primarily metal, sharpen the blade of a hand tool, cut a metal rod, cut sheet material, etc.

But like any tool, if it is mishandled or ignored basic security measures, it is dangerous. If you violate safety measures when working with an angle grinder, you can cause yourself a very serious injury or even die. In order for such cases to occur as rarely as possible, we decided to write this article.



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