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LBM (Bulgarian) ENKOR AKM1825Probably there are no people who would not know what angle grinder (Bulgarian) is.

In this article, we want to talk about another model of this class of tool, more precisely, the category of angle grinders for the smallest circle - 115 mm in diameter, but there is one thing - there are very few such tools in our stores, we can say a rarity.

The fact is that the ENKOR AKM1825 angle grinder is a cordless tool.

In the retail network, the indicated model of the angle grinder is sold without a battery as one of the tools of a large set for which the same 18 V battery is suitable. In general, as they say, you buy a pair of batteries and a complete set of tools of this group and you can work anywhere, but back to our Bulgarian.

UShM (Bulgarian) DIOLD MSHU-095-125In this article, we want to describe another model from the class of small angle grinders for a disc with a diameter of 125 mm, namely the angle grinder DIOLD MSHU-0.95-125. This model has a 950 W motor, which is quite enough to perform various types of work in a small amount. That is for home use.

The engine allows you to develop 11000 rpm, which is enough to get a smooth polished surface, not to mention cutting a metal pipe or corner. The engine of the grinder is a collector single-phase. The weight of this grinder is 1.8 kg.

Using the DIOLD MSHU-0.95-125 grinder, you can cut metal of a sufficiently large thickness: up to 10 mm. On the shoulder of this angle grinder there will also be ceramic tiles of various thicknesses, slate, cement chipboard, etc. True, in the latter case it will be necessary to use a respirator and goggles.

LBM (Bulgarian) SKIL 9005 LAWe decided to devote this article to another angle grinder model, namely SKIL 9005 LA with a power of 550W with a circle diameter of 115mm.

This model is the smallest in terms of the diameter of the used circle among grinders, and therefore its power is only 550 watts. Although this power is quite enough for such a tool.

The SKIL 9005 LA angle grinder is mainly used as a grinding tool, using various discs and attachments. Nozzles can be made of metal wire of various hardness, or in the form of glued sandpaper plates.

With the help of nozzles, it is convenient to remove the old coating from metal parts, such as car bodies, paint from wooden parts and other works.

Angle grinder (Bulgarian) KOLNER KAG 125/900VIf we consider this angle grinder, then it can be attributed to fairly inexpensive models of this class of tool. This is not a professional tool, but a household one, but this does not make it less valuable in a toolbox.

With this angle grinder, you can perform a variety of tasks.

First of all, the KOLNER KAG 125/900V angle grinder is of course intended for metal processing. With its help, you can cut off a piece of reinforcement or a professional pipe, saw a corner, or use it for dismantling when you need to saw off rusty bent bolts. By replacing the cutting disc on the grinder with a grinding wheel, you can clean off rust or process sharp edges of metal parts.

With this grinder, you can even sharpen any tool - shovels, axes, chisels, etc.

Jigsaw HAMMER LZK500LEIn the process of working with wood or various artificial materials based on wood chips, such as chipboard or fiberboard, a number of plastic and metal products, it becomes necessary to cut. At the same time, it can be not only a straight cut, but also a curvilinear cut.

This can be done on a special machine, but sometimes the size of the workpiece is critical. With a jigsaw, this problem is not relevant.

The size of the part to be sawn when cutting with a jigsaw does not matter and you can use it to saw through a board and dissolve a large sheet of plywood or chipboard.

If you do not need a jigsaw for professional activities, then you should not buy a fancy model. What is the point of throwing out a large amount if you use the tool a couple of times a year.

Jigsaw STAYER SJS-620-70-EThe STAYER SJS-620-70-E jigsaw is a fairly powerful tool.
Its power is 620 watts. At the same time, the saw stroke rate reaches 3000 strokes / min. Such a tool will be far from superfluous in the set of even a workshop that is good by the standards of our time.

With the help of an electric jigsaw, you can not only saw off a piece of board, but also saw through thick enough metal, plastic, various artificial materials, and much more.

Due to the design and location of the saw blade - saw blade, you can cut on sheet material of unlimited area. In addition, due to the small size of the file, with a jigsaw you can carry out not only a rectangular cut of the material, but also curved cuts, including along a fairly small radius.

LBM (Bulgarian) HAMMER USM850AHAMMER USM850A is another compact home grinder. For professional activities, due to low power, we do not recommend using it, especially if you intend to cut a large amount of hard material such as paving slabs or thick steel parts.

With a sufficiently large force on the cutting disc, the engine simply will not cope, and it will take a long time to cut (cut) with a little pressure.

At the same time, for domestic needs, including construction or performing any work in a garage or on your garden plot, this is a fairly good device for little money.

The power of the grinder HAMMER USM850A is 850 W, however, with this power, the engine speed reaches 11000

LBM (Bulgarian) EINHELL BT-AG 1000Describing this model of the EINHELL BT-AG 1000 grinder, we immediately note that its power, taking into account the fact that it is designed for cutting with a disc with a diameter of 125 mm, is quite serious - 1010 watts. Cheaper analogues have a power of 850 to 950 watts.

If you need this tool for domestic needs: well, sometimes you can cut a piece of iron or a tile, then you can buy the cheapest one, but if you plan to use it for cutting thick enough steel, then don’t buy less than 1000 W. The difference between the operation of a low-power and normal angle grinder is quite noticeable, especially small. If you apply a lot of force when cutting with the same 850 W machine, you feel how the disc slows down and the engine starts to “pull”.

But back to the description of our model.

Perforator KRATON RHE-500-20In this article, we want to talk about another model of such a useful and necessary perforator in a set of construction tools: KRATON RHE-500-20.

To begin with, we note that a hammer drill is a tool whose main purpose is drilling various bases from mineral materials. It can be concrete, brick, wall blocks, reinforced concrete products and much more. These bases can be covered with additional layers of plaster or not.

In order for the drilling of these listed materials to be as efficient as possible, the drilling mode of the perforator takes place with a blow. That is, together with the rotation of the drill (drill), a shock impulse is additionally transmitted to the point of application of the force. Thus, the mineral material (stone) is destroyed much faster.

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