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about the projectOur project is dedicated to a very significant area of ​​the construction industry - construction tools. In fact, this is a kind of encyclopedia dedicated to the description of various types, types and models of both hand construction tools and electric and gasoline tools. On our site we have tried to collect the most complete information on this topic.

There is not much information yet, but we are constantly working on the project, adding new articles and improving the site for the convenience of our readers. Please do not judge us harshly because we published the site before it was completely filled with content.

Currently, a separate section has been created on the site - a catalog, with convenient and practical navigation and photos. In the catalog, we decided to further divide the tool by area of ​​use or technical purpose. At the same time, if we talk about gas tools or power tools, then here we decided to devote a whole section to one or another tool in which to collect information about various models, for example, screwdrivers, hammers, drills, etc.

At the same time, in the segment of hand tools, the division is precisely according to the sphere of use: metalwork, carpentry, measuring tools, etc. This was dictated by the fact that devoting a separate article to a specific model of an awl or hammer is stupid and impractical, which cannot be said about models such as power tools.

For those who just want to see what articles are available on our site and read them for development purposes, we advise you to go directly to one of the main sections from the main menu at the top left. Then you will be taken to a blog of articles on hand, electric or gas tools.

On the right, articles related to tools are similarly presented: repair, selection tips, instructions for working with the tool, etc.

If you liked the article, or you think that it needs to be supplemented, you can leave comments directly on the site pages. For convenience, the site has a form for a quick search for information, as well as a site map.

The main purpose of this Internet resource is to help our readers find the necessary and, most importantly, the most complete and reliable information about a particular model of a construction tool, find out how to choose a particular tool in a store, and finally just learn something new about that tool which you may have heard about for the first time.

We present in our articles only reliable and verified information. Moreover, if any features are described in the description of the instrument, then they are usually taken from the personal experience of the author or his friends, who themselves encountered certain advantages or disadvantages of the instrument.

We hope that this project will eventually become more and more popular in the Russian segment of the Internet and will find its regular readers. We will also be glad to cooperate. There are never too many helpers. If you want to discuss the topic of assistance in the development of the resource, as well as remuneration for sending us articles of interest to us or writing articles to order, we are ready to talk with you.

Information on how to contact us is available in the "Contact Us" section of the website. We are waiting for your letters.

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