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Gradually, our site is filled with material and it becomes too much for the articles to be viewed sequentially and receive the necessary information.Tool catalog Of course, you can use the search form and quickly find the information you need, but we still decided to create a separate catalog so that you can immediately see all the articles from a particular section.

The catalog is made in the form of a table with images of instruments or their groups and a description below the image.

The disadvantage of our catalog is that, unlike the same online stores, it does not provide for sorting by various parameters of construction tools, for example, by power or price, but we have fairly clearly defined sections by types of tools.

We also made separate subdirectories for large groups of specific tools (mainly electrical construction tools) where a large number of different models and brands are presented.

That is, in our catalog you will not only find sections with hand or measuring tools, but also, for example, for construction tools, there are subsections dedicated only to screwdrivers or electric drills.

The information in the sections of the catalog is presented in the form of tables with images and inscriptions, which are characterized by either the name or a specific model of the tool (for electric or petrol tools).

To go directly to the desired article or subsection, just click on the image or the inscription below it. True, this rule applies only to the main directory. In the sections, we decided to make links only on images.

Each subsection also contains a description of the group of building tools to which it is dedicated, as well as a clarification on how to proceed to reading the articles.

In addition, we note that at the end of the articles there are also links to the main sections. It will be convenient for those people who want to read, for example, not about one screwdriver, but several. From the subsections there are also links to return to the main catalog and they are also located at the bottom of the page.

Currently, our catalog already contains hundreds of various construction tools and we are constantly working to replenish information.

First of all, we try to add the most popular instruments and instrument models to our catalog.

We hope that our site will become more and more popular among readers and will bring you useful and necessary knowledge.

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